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  • Advances in Invertebrate (Neuro)Endocrinology: A Collection of Reviews in the Post-Genomic Era [2-Volume Set]

Advances in Invertebrate (Neuro)Endocrinology: A Collection of Reviews in the Post-Genomic Era [2-Volume Set]

  • 49.00€

Tags: Invertebrates, Insects, Annelids, Cell biology, Genes and hormones, Endocrinology, Neuropeptides, Receptor neurons, Sexual behavior, Stress phyisology

These 2 volumes provide an informative series of reviews from expert scientists who are at the forefront of their research into the endocrinology of invertebrates. These two volumes are timely and appropriate in this post-genomic era because of the rapid pace of change brought about by genome projects, functional genomics, and genetics (omics technologies). The volume shows the rich history and strong tradition of cutting-edge research using invertebrates that has opened up our broader understanding of comparative endocrinology and the evolution of regulatory pathways and systems. These reviews set the scene and context for this exciting new era of understanding that has come from this post-genomic revolution.These 2 volumes undertake the daunting task of covering most of the diverse endocrine systems that exist among invertebrates. 852 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Saber Saleuddin, Editor. PhD, University Professor Emeritus. Department of Biology, York University in Toronto, ON (Canada).
  • Angela B. Lange, Editor. PhD, World leader in the field of insect neuroendocrinology, former Chair of the Departement of Biology, Currently Vice-Dean. University of Toronto Mississauga, ON (Canada).
  • Ian Orchard, Editor. DSc, PhD, Professor Emeritus in Biology, Expert in insect neuroendocrinology, University of Toronto, ON (Canada).

  • Publication dates: 2020-03 (print); 2020-01 (electronic format).

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