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Parasites are a major issue affecting animal and human health, welfare, and economic productivity. 555 Questions in Veterinary and Tropical Parasitology provides 555 questions to test your knowledge of animal and tropical parasitology, to help you study anywhere, with any amount of time.



Authors expertises affiliations

  • Hany M. Elsheikha. BVSc, MSc, PhD, FRSPH, PGCHE, FHEA, Dip EVPC. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham (UK).
  • Xing-Quan Zhu. BVSc, MVSc, PhD. State Key Laboratory of Veterinary Etiological Biology. Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (People's Republic of China).
  • Publisher: CABI
  • Publication date (print): 2019-10
  • ISBN (print): 978-1-78924-234-8
  • ISBN (ebook PDF): 978-1-78924-235-5

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