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  • Horse Pasture Management

Horse Pasture Management

  • 30.00€

Tags: Equine nutrition, Pasture, Soils and plants, Environment, Nutrient values

Horse Pasture Management begins with coverage of the structure, function and nutritional value of plants, continuing into identification of pasture plants. Management of soil and plants in a pasture is covered next, followed by horse grazing behavior, feed choices of horses, management of grazing horses, and how to calculate how many horses should be grazing relative to land size. 440 p.




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Paul Sharpe.  PhD, Professor of Biology and Animal Science, Specialized in Reproductive Physiology, Lecturer, Researcher, Program Coordinator, Associate Director of Academic Programs. University of Guelph, Guelph, ON (Canada).

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  • Publication date (print): 2018-11
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-12-812919-7

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