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This book covers most of the topics with latest information on canine cancer in general and canine mammary cancer in particular. The main objective of this book is to provide the latest information to meet the requirements of not only undergraduate and post-graduate students but also to the teachers and clinicians involved in canine practice. The book contains more than 150 quality colour photographs of canine cancer, cancer diagnosis and cancer treatments. This book would be of immense use to the students, teachers and practitioners engaged in the field of cancer research and treatment. 186 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Swapan Kumar Maiti. Principal scientist, Division of Veterinary Surgery, Indian Veterinary ResearchInstitute, Izatnagar, Barcilly, Uttar Pradesh (India).

  • Publisher: NIPA (New India Publishing Agency)
  • Publication date (print): 2017-03
  • ISBN (print): 978-93-86546-25-8
  • ISBN (ebook PDF ): 978-93-89130-53-9

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